Interactive Charts


Created by Efrat Vilenski, Oct 2016 / @efratvil

Interactive charts building blocks

are simple...

The basic Objects:

Change Colors:

Change Opacity:

Change Size:

Change Location:

Change Shape:

Data Binding

JS Bin on

1) Interactivity Within Charts

Zoom In / Out

Change Data

Source - mbostock

Series Selection

Library - NVD3

Stacked Bar - Sorting

Source - datapixie

3D rotation

Library - vis.js

Network grouping

Source - larskotthoff & GerHobbelt

2) Interactivity Across Multiple Charts

Linked views

Library - dygraphs

Connected zoom

Source - curran

Brush focus bar

Source - nbremer

Details on demand

3)Dynamic Dashboards


Filter & sort

Library - isotope.js

Details on demand

Library - masonry.js

Visual Analytics Mantra

Analyze First

Show the Important

Zoom, Filter and Analyze Further

Details on Demand